BikeUp Bike Rack




BikeUp is a bike rack adjusted to all kinds and sizes of bikes, from a very lightweight road bike to a very heavy Dutch or electric bike. By hanging your bike on a well in your flat or garage you can save twice as much space and turn the obstacle of a bike leaning against the wall into a practical design element of interior decoration.

The BikeUp bike hanger is resilient, made of durable materials and protected against corrosion. An important element of the hanger is its profiled casing, enabling securing the bike with any kind of fastening and helping avoid wall soiling.

The actuator installed inside the hanger lifts the bike up automatically, thanks to which one hand is enough to both hang and remove your two-wheeler.

The minimum height of a room required to install this bike rack is 2 m.

The rack comes in two colour versions:



Please indicate the colour of your choice in the comments to the order
(at the stage of filling in the shipment data).

We send the BikeUp rack within 48h from receiving the payment.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 78 × 35 × 15 cm
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