2 bicycle parking zones

D48 is a hot spot for corporate cyclists at Domaniewska street.

The Domaniewska street is the heart of the “Mordor” office district in Warsaw, where over 100 000 people work. This district became a symbol of the Polish corporate world but is also notorious for its traffic jams and destroyed lawns. It is hard to get there by car and even harder to leave. That is where the D48 building was created, having the lease area of 26 000 m2.

The Investor invited us to collaborate already at the design stage so that we could elaborate the best model of transit for future employees. This enabled us to provide the architects designing the building with specific requirements and needs of user who use bikes as their means of transport on everyday basis.

Penta Investments cared for the building to stand out with its highest standard of infrastructure intended for urban cyclists, but its requirement regarded also the number and location of parking zones. Taking these needs into consideration, we offered creating two zones:

Zone I – Outdoors

It is located on the yard outdoors. It is intended for employees and visitors to the building and thus has a representative role as well. Here, next to the main entrance, the aesthetically pleasing bike U-racks were installed, providing parking space for 60 bikes.

Zone II – Underground parking lot

This place if perfect for year-round bike storage. The bikes are secured both against the negative impact of weather (the temperature at the underground parking lot is always above zero) and against theft. The bicycle storage facility has been located opposite the entrance to the parking lot at level -1, improving the comfort of users and letting them save time on searching for a free space to park their bike. The underground parking lot is located right next to the entrance to the complex of changing rooms and bathrooms intended for cyclists, thanks to which the employees can quickly change from their cycling outfit to a suit.

We enjoy a lot the fact that our collaboration has not been limited to designing and building a bike parking facility. Since 2018 we have been supporting the Investor in their strategy to create employee friendly spaces and care for good well-being and dedication of employees. In the summer of that year we were invited to organise a celebratory bike event on the territory of D48. How did the BikeDay at Domaniewska street look? Take a look at the video recorded by our cameras.


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